Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Fighting Naps

At the beginning of the summer Jack was a great napper. He took 2 two hour naps a day. One at 9 am and another at 3 pm. We would put him down for the night at 8. Things were really going well. Three weeks ago he started napping once during the day around 11 am and then going to bed for the night at 6:30. When I say "going to bed for the night" I don't always mean that he'll sleep all night. It is always a crap shoot. 

Three days ago he started fighting naps. For nap time we just lay him in his bed and he'll go to sleep on his own with no crying. Sometimes if he has had an overstimulated day we would have to rock him to sleep. Well three days ago not even rocking is getting it done. It's a full on fight. 

It is so aggravating. I know he is so sleepy and will be so happy if he would just sleep. I've tried every rocking position that he likes. I've patted the butt. I've sung every song I know and made up a few. I've even stuck him in his bed to cry for a few minutes. Now that he can stand, there is no going to sleep by just laying him in the bed because standing is way cooler than sleeping. 

I really hope that this is just a phase. Fighting the sleep is no fun for me or him. Oddly enough he doesn't fight it as much with Jeremy. I guess babies know daddies mean business and mamas are pushovers. 

After one hour and fifteen minutes he finally went to sleep. At this point I'm worn out myself. (update: he only slept 30 minutes and is back to whining)

Does anyone have any suggestions for babies that are fighting naps?


  1. You are so not alone! My son did this as well, and my daughter has now starting doing it since she's beginning to pull up. It's like they're newborns again :( I don't have any suggestions because with us, sleep won and we started co-sleeping with him and he still comes to bed for part of most nights at 2.5. I just keep telling myself with my daughter that this to shall pass!

  2. Ugh, Travis has just started doing the same thing! I had gotten into the best rhythm where all it would take to get him to sleep was stick his pacifier in his mouth and rock him to sleep. But now he refuses to take his pacifier, but he refuses to sleep without it! This weekend Jon was bowling a tournament, and so we spent a lot of time at the bowling alley. It took me about an hour to try to get him to nap, at the very least, especially with so much going on and so many people coming and talking to him. I don't have any suggestions, but I understand how frustrating it can be!