Monday, August 5, 2013

Love of Your Husband: Fact or Fiction

As I am sitting in bed I turned to my husband and asked him what I should write about for tomorrow. He said the love of your husband: fact or fiction? He is so silly. So to answer his question-fact (at least today...haha). He hasn't gotten on my nerves today but he has also been gone most of the day. 

No idea why he looks so serious-we were on our way to see Rascal Flatts

Here are some things I love/hate about him-I'll let you guess which is which:

1. He can never turn the tv off right. He always turns off the receiver instead of the tv and then it makes that horrible loud static noise. Then he doesn't turn the satellite receiver back on so when I turn the tv on in the morning the static is a shock.

2. He will come up behind me randomly and rub my back. 

3. He will always apologize first which works well because I have too much pride. If he takes too long then I will just cry so the fight can be over. (okay he seriously can't read this now).

4. He never washes all the dishes. When he washes the dishes he always leaves a few over. Why? I have no idea.

5. When he watches tv he can't hear when you talk. If it is American Dad, Family Guy, or King of the Hill forget about it. We are watching King of the Hill right now. 

6. He'll do anything if you ask but I HATE asking people to do stuff.

7. He takes showers so hot that when he comes out of the bathroom the fire alarm in the hall will go off. 

8. He LOVES his job. He uses all of those medical terms and it gets hard not to nod off.

9. He is horrible with money. You give him 5 or 100 dollars and either way he'll blow it. The good thing is he knows he is bad with money and he has gotten much better.

10. He isn't a big sweets eater but he loves Reese Cups, strawberry ice cream, and coconut cream pie. I got him a huge container of Reese Cups for Father's Day. He put them all in the freezer. 

11. He keeps saying Big Brother is stupid.

12. He will rub my arm at night until I fall asleep. He says he does it for me but I know that he does it for himself. It always helps him fall asleep also. 

He keeps trying to hit the different keys. Okay he is getting on my nerves now. I tell him to quit too much because he is always agitating me for his own amusement. 

Even the things that drive me nuts I love (okay not all the time). I love them because I can just roll my eyes and say "that's my husband". I know him and love him the way he is (well I wouldn't mind changing a few things). 


  1. I hate how they do things just to annoy us because they think it's funny. It's not funny to us!!!

  2. Aw this is cute! It's funny how that one person in our lives can drive us a little crazy sometimes but we love them so much anyway! My husband is the same way with money, BAD! I'm the more responsible one though, so we balance each other out, as I'm sure you and your husband do!


  3. found your blog when I was reading chloes! can't wait to read more :) xo