Thursday, August 15, 2013

To Spank or Not to Spank

Obviously it's a little early for much discipline with Jack being that he is only 9 months old. For now we say "no", "not for babies", and "don't touch". It's amazing that he has already learned what these phases mean. More and more he is leaving alone what we tell him not to touch. I really don't want to have to put up everything in our home.

So spanking. I'm trying to decide on discipline now and do my research. Being from the south, spanking is highly used. When out in public I will often see a child misbehaving and then usually I hear "he needs his butt tore up". I'm so on the fence and have talked the subject over with many people. Most parents that I've talked to said it just depends on the child. One lady who just turned 66 said her daughter needed spanked and her son needed time out or just an explanation. She went on to say "if you love your children you will give them discipline". I was spanked as a child. It was rare and for bad offences. Usually from my dad for being ugly to my mama. I had a mouth on me. 

My husband was essentially beat as a child and does not want to spank. I don't want to spank. I'm sure no one wants to spank. My younger sister never once got a spanking. Why? Because I would beg and cry for her not to get a spanking when she was bad. Of course they couldn't do it then. Maybe if she did get spanked as a child she would be more disciplined. 

One thing I don't want to do is say to him "I'm going to spank" and not follow through with it. I just don't think I can do it. I talked to a lady I work with about it and she told me "when the time comes you will be able to". I'm not sure. 

Jack, please just be a really good boy who corrects his behavior from time-outs and talking with us. Please. Please. Please. 


  1. Such a hot button topic. I was the type of kid who didn't need to be brother in the other hand, well he was familiar with the practice. I think what it co,se down to is finding the right discipline method that works for your kid. Every kid is different. As Jack's mama you will figure out what he needs, :)

  2. My mom said she used to spank us when we were very very little, (like 2-5) and I don't remember it now. When we were older she used to make us put soap in our mouth (I got it way more often than my younger sister because I had a mouth on me too) or if we mouthed off she'd pop us in the mouth. Let me tell you, after a few times of having that happened we fixed our bad behavior. You'll know when the time comes what you want to do. There are tons of options out there and you will know whats best.

    I found your blog from The Blog Strut link party.