Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday

I made some progress. Not a lot, but enough to get me excited. 2 whole pounds gone!

211 peeps!

Here is my secret. Are you ready? Billion dollar secret for ya. I ate less and moved more. That’s all I did.

Jack and I took afternoon walks. I ate fewer calories by stopping myself before I ate something to find out if I really wanted it.

I stress eat. I celebrate eat. I just straight up eat. I love baking and eating. I love cute food. I love the comfort of food. I hate being fat.

Exercise. Love and hate. I absolutely love the feeling AFTER exercise. It takes everything in me to muster up the energy to walk. I work really hard to talk myself out of it. So much time is spent talking me out of it that I could have already been done.  Sometimes healthy Ashley wins and sometimes big girl Ashley wins. This week healthy Ashley just happen to win a little more.

Exercise just sucks. It isn’t fun. It isn’t going to the dentist but it sure isn’t watching tv eating ice cream either. My legs ache. I don’t like sweating. I don’t enjoy my legs chaffing together. My body creaks and cracks as I push myself upward and onward through our neighborhood. I know it will get easier if I just keep working at it.  It’s the time between now and then that isn’t all that great.

I’m setting no goals. I’m just going to keep moving forward at struggling each day to eat less and move more. 


  1. Yay for losing! It's a start, and starting to lose weight is one of the hardest parts I think.

  2. Great job!! Exercise does suck. I wanted to try to start running a few weeks ago, and ended up going on only like three half mile runs. It stinks!! I just get my exercise by walking around the campus at school! Haha

  3. whoo hoo! 2 lbs is still 2 lbs! soon it'll be 5lbs! :)

  4. 2lbs in a week is awesome. The saying goes that losing 2lbs a week means you are setting a lifetime goal rather than a quick fix. Congratulations.
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    Barbara @