Tuesday, September 24, 2013

What Should Jack Be For Halloween?

It is Jack's first Halloween!!! I was never a huge super fan of Halloween because I personally don't enjoy dressing up. I never thought I would care too much about what Jack was for that frightful night but once I started looking I've become a little hooked. Jeremy gets random pictures of costumes throughout the day. I keep trying to convince my childless friend that Halloween costumes should become one of her pros for having a baby. Here are a few of the contenders. 

Let me know your thoughts! Oh and sorry for the lack of editing. It's late!

Choice #1 

 I'm not even a huge Elvis fan but this little guy is just stickin' cute. It isn't too common and I think it would be a hit. 

Choice #2

Sock monkeys are just plain cute. They are "baby-ish". There aren't many Halloweens where he could pull this costume off. My husband said NO!

Choice #3

I have an owl obsession. If you walked in my house you would believe me. The school I grew-up in and got my first job at has the owl as their mascot. I received lots of owl stuff and my collection continues to grow. My husband thinks owls are girly but nothing about this costume is girly to me. He is wearing a freaking tie. I LOVE this one!

Choice #4

I love the colors in this costume. It is very Halloweeny which I like and is adorable. Plus I think the hood part would most likely stay on more than a hat. The problem with this one and the sock monkey is that sometimes here in lower Arkansas Halloween can be pretty warm. I hate not knowing what we should dress for. 

Choice #5

I never would have thought I would like something like this. There is just something about babies dressed to look like adults that crack me up. Those tats....melt me! 

So which one do you think I should choose? (Please ignore my husband's thoughts). 


  1. Owl one for sure is my first choice but I also love Elvis both are fantastic choices :)

  2. Omg, sock monkey for sure! SO CUTE! I think Travis might be some adorable little kind of animal. I browsed a few costumes at Halloween Express but I just can't decide!

  3. Owl or spider. Both are really cute!