Monday, September 23, 2013

Get Off of Me

Disclaimer: There is nothing sexual about this post. Just wanted to put that out there even though this story does occur in bed.

When we go to sleep we turn and face the other direction. It is just the way we both sleep best. Every once in awhile he will want to snuggle as he is going to sleep. I hate it! There, I said it. I know it isn't the way I'm suppose to think. It is just too much pressure. 

I'm a fidgety person. I shake my leg as I go to sleep. I itch. I turn. I have to pee. Sleeping is such a process for me. When he is holding me I kinda panic inside because I know I need to be still so he can go to sleep. If I say something he always says "you don't ever let me hold you when we sleep". 

I wish I were a more snugly person and I guess I am as long as we aren't actually going to sleep. As long as he is holding me I can't sleep. 

Just another one of those marriage things that takes compromising. He is learning and we are comfortable now that when I say "get off me" he knows I mean it lovingly and that I just need my sleep space. Now of course he is going to make some snide comment about me saying something but that is just the man I love. 


  1. Yes! I had snuggling. Hate hate hate it. I like my personal space. My husband thinks I'm weird.