Thursday, October 31, 2013

Sickness in Motherhood

Jeremy has been sick and Jack has been sick. I have been lucky...until now. Sunday morning I woke up feeling like death. It consumed my body causing it to ache with every movement. My chest felt like an elephant was sitting on it. My nose burned. My throat burned. All I wanted was to crawl back into bed. It use to be what I would do, that is, before I became a mother. Now I get no sick days. There is no one to call in sick to. 

You down some medicine and keep moving. You start internally hating your friends who haven't graced their lives with babies and zero sick days. Throughout the day you do little things that might bring you a little comfort. When the baby sleeps you try and nap. You turn on Gilmore Girls to make you chuckle through the coughing. Pajamas and orange juice while doing household chores. You make it through by all means possible.

It is now Tuesday and I'm pass the "I think I might be dying" phase but still in the "I'll never feel good again" phase.  Deep down I know this too will pass but right now I feel it still consuming me. I'll leave out the nasty details. Let's just say it ain't good.

Life has been a little more hectic than I like. Hopefully things will slow down a lot. Work has been very stressful, home has been stressful, and everything in between has been stressful. 

It is nasty rainy outside and I'm worried out Halloween plans will be ruined. I'm pretty adamant about people getting to see my little baby dressed like a monkey for his first Halloween. Rain or shine, sick or not sick, I'll find a way to show him off. 

Happy Halloween everyone! 


  1. I am loving Jack's costume!! And being sick is no fun :( hope you get better soon!

  2. I hope you feel better soon! Trick or treating here in Indiana has been rescheduled to tomorrow because of impending storms. Um, what?! It's seriously one of the most absurd things I have ever heard!