Wednesday, October 30, 2013

True Happiness

A boy outside on the swing is pure bliss. He gets so cheerful when I put his little legs in that swing. He knows what is about to happen. At the first push he tenses up at the motion but he loves it and relaxes. He laughs out loud. I have to remind myself to stop taking pictures and just be in the moment. 

Loving it when mama takes him to the park for swinging time. I try to stop in at the park when Jack tags along on my walks. His enjoyment really pushes me to put on my tennis shoes. 

I love his little gap. His dad has one too. People say that it might close up but I kinda hope it doesn't. Melts my heart.

I know I am bias but he is one gorgeous baby boy. He is just plain perfect. 


  1. Swinging is so much fun! It's great how much they love it! Jack is so cute!!