Thursday, October 17, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday on a Thursday

Yesterday sucked! Like it sucked big time so no post yesterday. I did want to stop in real quick to do my official weigh in post. I weighed in at exactly the same thing as last week so 209. It isn't exactly thrilling to be at the same spot but it is better than my original weight at 213 so that is a plus. 

How people find the time to exercise I may never know. Maybe once Jack is older or my husband gets on a better schedule. After working all day I'm exhausted. After getting home I have cleaning to do, food to cook, on top of being a wife and mother. Exercise is always an extra. Eating healthy takes lots of planning and with my schedule I just eat when and what I can. 

I know it just sounds like a bunch of excuses and I guess it is but it's the best I have right now. Hopefully I can get more on track in the next few days and take off another pound. 

Slowly and surely I'll get there. 

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  1. I have to go to the gym first thing in the morning or it doesn't get done! Our gym has a free KidKare, so after dropping Olivia at school, we head to the gym and Carter gets to play while I workout. My scale is stuck, too. I'll eat really well for a couple days, then eat really crappy for a couple days.