Tuesday, October 1, 2013

When You Can't Run Away

Monday started out great. Jack had slept through the night. I got a quiet shower. I felt on top of my game. I dropped Jack at daycare and headed to work early. I sat down with my peanut butter crackers and a Dr. Pepper to pay a bill that was due the next day. I ever so slightly opened my wallet and saw a receipt from the night before when J had taken out sixty dollars from the ATM to take with him to work. The nightmare begins. 

The receipt had our bank account balance on it. I was shocked! There was a $400 difference which was not in our favor. Freak out! Where did that much money go? Where had I dropped the ball? I went to the website and also pulled out the checkbook register to look for the problem. After some scouring I found it. I paid daycare but never wrote it down. I listed it under bills paid but never put it in the checkbook. My heart sunk. I had screwed up. My body got hot. My head started pounded. I had to text J so he would know what was going on. He panicked a little at first too but then kept saying how it was all going to be fine. 

We live paycheck to paycheck right now due to all the medical bills we have since the birth of Jack and the surgery I had to endure. Every penny has to be accounted for and I had made a $400 mistake. 

I wanted to leave work. I thought there was no way I could stay there. My body was reacting to this shock and I just felt sick. I kept thinking how can I focus on teaching when I have so much stuff to figure out. 

I stayed. I didn't want to but I knew running away wouldn't solve anything. I really didn't want to stay-Not. At. All. It was a miserable day but I made it through. 

Being a grown-up sucks!


  1. Been there, done that and probably will continue too. I hate living paycheck to paycheck but we do. I dream of someday not having too.

  2. Sounds like me at the end of last month. I didn't realize that our daycare lady still had a check out and we spent that money. Oops! It definitely sucks to have to scramble.