Monday, October 21, 2013

Why I Love Having a Baby

All mamas know that being a mama isn't great every moment of the day but there are just some things that make having a baby pretty awesome. Here are just a few of my reasons.

1. You get to dress your baby up in cute clothes.

2. Their baby kisses. I know anyone can get a baby kiss but it is just special for mama. He kisses me more than anyone.

3. Their face when they see you.

4. Experiencing firsts.

First time at the park

5. You get to see them grow physically and mentally before your eyes.

6. You get to mold their heart.

7. You get to touch their soft skin everyday. 

8. You get to experience their love for the simple things like a box or a piece of paper.

9. Snuggling. Oh how it is my favorite.

10. Baby laughs. 


  1. Amen, having a baby is the best! Travis gives me the biggest smile if he looks over at me from playing across the room, but if I'm coming home from school and it's been awhile since he's seen me, it's not such a sweet face because he starts to cry until I pick him up lol.

  2. oh i love this.. You said it all. I just love the lil baby kisses. Although she's not really giving me kisses yet I can just love on her all i want without her trying to get away! ;)

  3. The kisses and the random hugs when you're not expecting them are the absolute best!

  4. Ah yes, it can be pretty darn fantastic. I think soft baby skin is one of my very favorite things in life. :)