Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Getting Out of Town

Wednesday afternoon I am heading to Little Rock to attend the Arkansas Literacy Conference. Last year I wasn't able to go since I was still recovering from my c-section. This year I am even more excited to go then ever before. Having Jack has made me want to be a better teacher. The way to become that better teacher I am always striving to be is to educate myself. 

I have already lined out which workshops I'm going to attend. Once I'm there I'm sure I'll change my mind. I always do! Word of mouth spreads about which ones are really good. 

My mom is coming with to watch Jack during the day. She is excited about getting away. In the afternoons we will do some shopping and get some yummy supper. I'm not sure how Jack will act being stuck in a hotel room during the day. I'll be sure to pack lots of toys and his stroller. With that being said, I am NOT looking forward to packing. It's hard enough packing for me. 

I'll be sure to post on how the trip goes. Please cross your fingers that he sleeps. I'm worried being in a new place will be difficult for him. Hopefully he will surprise me. Did I just jinx myself??? 

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