Monday, November 25, 2013

Why I'm a Dummy Mama

Dear Mom Guilt, You're a Bitch.

Wednesday night until Friday I got to attend the Arkansas Reading Conference. Wow! I learned so much stuff. Here is the problem. I was feeling so guilty about leaving Jack with my parents that I had my Mom tag along to watch him in the room during the day. Such a stupid idea! What I should have done was to get over the guilt and enjoyed 2 nights of sleep and done some shopping. 

He did not sleep which meant we did not sleep. Luckily my mom was able to nap during the day but I was in workshops which meant I was stuck being sleepy. Now that he is walking everywhere he was into everything. We had to eat out every meal and you know how babies can be in restaurants-it's a crap shoot. He threw his cup in the floor. Food was everywhere. He fussed. 

It ended up raining so shopping where I wanted couldn't happen because I just couldn't take him in and out of his car seat. We end up just going to the mall and walking around while my mom got her hair done. I couldn't buy anything because I had to bring the umbrella stroller because the other stroller was too big with all the other luggage in the car. I couldn't push the stroller and carry the bags while carrying the diaper bag. My poor mom couldn't be of much help because she has RA and she broke her knee and leg 7 months ago. 

On a positive note I went to Chick-fil-A for the first time. Yes, for the first time. We don't have one close by and if we travel to a big town we usually eat somewhere nicer but for lunch one day we decided to check it out. It was wonderful food and more importantly they had the nicest workers I have ever encountered. Not only were they just plain courtesy but 2 of them helped my mom walk outside. I'm not sure if they pay their workers more or what but it was just great to have that experience. 

I told my mom to remind me in April (the next conference) about the difficulties of trying to keep a baby in a hotel room. Next time I need to leave the mama guilt behind and enjoy a break! 


  1. We recently had a E & C in a hotel for three days...let's just say that we spent a lot of time at the mall when we weren't doing family stuff!

    And, you must live in a small town if you don't have a Chik fil-A near you! :-P

  2. I LOVE CHICKFILA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm disappointed when other fast food chains don't respond to my "thank you" with "my pleasure!"