Tuesday, November 5, 2013

It's Okay

It's okay that I always forget to take pictures for my blog. 

It's okay that I'm just now getting around to printing Jack's pictures for his birthday this Thursday.

It's okay that I'm ignoring the cleaning that needs to be done.

It's okay that I'm sleep deprived but choose to stay up a little later to enjoy some peace.

It's okay that I paid 15 dollars for a shirt Jack will only wear one time.

It's okay that we are doing a character themed cake (Thomas the Train) even though I'm not a huge character themed gal. 

It's okay that I still haven't made it to the doctor for my severe ear pain. 

It's okay that I didn't do a Weigh in Wednesday post last week and probably will not be doing one this week either. I've sucked and I don't need to see the proof.

It's okay that I wish I had a mocha from Starbucks right now.

It's okay that tomorrow I'm going to be so sleepy because I am finally getting some stuff done. 


  1. It's okay!!! Just keep putting one foot in front if another :)

  2. Life keeps moving! Don't let the bumps stop you!

  3. Haha! I won't tell you what I paid for C's tutu then :-) She wore it for her birthday and for her one year photos. But, it's worth it!