Thursday, November 7, 2013

To My Jack Jack

Today you turn one. One year together. One year of triumph and turmoil. By far the most challenging year of my life. You brought me more joy then I can ever show you. Only a joy you will learn when you hold your own baby one day. You have me wrapped around your finger which will be my downfall once you really start throwing tantrums and wanting your way. I live for making you smile and laugh.

We have grown together this year. A year ago we both started out as babies not knowing what this new world would teach us. We survived being apart for the first few days. We survived mama being sick and recovering from surgery. We survived acid reflux. We survived belly aches. We survived fever, and colds, and snotty noses. 

We cheered you on through rolling over, crawling, and first steps. You made us joyful as we experienced the zoo, the park, the pool, and the pumpkin patch. 

You still aren't a big sleeper but I've adjusted. I've stumbled through many nights, morning, and days. Coffee has been my right arm. 

You have filled our house with more toys and devices then any one little person could need. Just shows you have taken over our everything and we like it that way. 

You are our little Jack Jack. The keeper of our hearts.

You have lots of teeth but not a big eater. You are just under 20 lbs. You are just too busy for silly things like eating.

You love Thomas the Train. When you hear it come on it has your attention.

You aren't completely walking yet but you are in the beginning stages and so I know that soon you will be running everywhere.

You hate getting dressed.

You hate getting out of the bathtub.

You hate your nose being messed with.

You love splashing your bath water.

You love getting into everything you aren't suppose to. You Nana says you are nosey like I was. 

When I say touchdown you put your arms up.

You can patty cake so well.

Oh how I love you and I hope you always remember that. As the years pass there will be days when you don't like me. I'm going to be pretty disciplined because I want you to be the best person you can be. Just remember that I love you more than you will ever know. Let's try and make this year even better. You have so much to learn and do. 

Happy Birthday!!!!


  1. OMG!! One year... Happy Birthday Baby Jack! You have a family that loves you and your mommy is a super mommy! Many blessings for you always!!