Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I'm a Dork and I Know It-Weekend In Review

Friday night after the men in my life were down for the count mama sneaked into the living room and had the best time until 2 am. I haven't stayed up that long in awhile. I watched tv. I got to watch whatever whatever I wanted. No Family Guy or American Dad. No Thomas the Train or Super Why. It was great! I also read blogs and cleaned up my Pinterest boards. Super dork right here!

Saturday morning I hung out with this little man teaching him how to blow kisses. 

Saturday night I attended a Dirty Santa ornament party. Normally I would have whooped it up a little more and stayed out later but Jeremy had to get up really early to go to work. 

Here is the ornament I won! I love you Razorbacks even if you sucked it big time this year.

Here is a selfie from last night. 

Sunday while Jack was taking a nap I decided to catch up on The Pioneer Woman. I saw a recipe that looked pretty simple so when I went grocery shopping I picked up the supplies. 

Let me tell you.....Oh my gosh!!! So freaking good!!!!
There are 2 ways to make them and I did both ways and both are wonderful!
1. Take a Club cracker
2. Then take a spoonful of brown sugar or Parmesan cheese (from can not bag) and put it on the cracker
3. Wrap half a piece of bacon around the cracker
4. Cook at 250 for 2 hours (I cooked mine for one hour and 30 minutes because they were ready)

My parents came over and I had my mom try them and she was pleasantly surprised. She didn't think they would be that good but she said I had to make them for Christmas day.

Sunday afternoon Jack and I tackled a Pinterest project. 

I think it is a cute little memento. Jack did really great also. I thought he was going to act a fool but he acted like a crafting pro. He is so my child. 

Did you dork it up this weekend or were you a socialite? 


  1. That pretty much describes all my weekends though I don't normally go out at all to fun things like an ornament swap!