Monday, December 9, 2013

One is Wonderful

Ever since Jack was born I have enjoyed each month more than the month before. Of course all moms love their tiny baby but interacting with them is just so much fun. Now that Jack is one he is just so much fun. 

He loves to play and no longer wants to hang on me all the time. Yes, it is a little bittersweet but it is nice to be able to get some stuff done around the house. His favorite thing right now is the hotel key I forgot to turn in last week. For some reason he loves that thing. Kids are so weird. He loves climbing into our entertainment center so I think he is really going to love his pop up Thomas the Train tent and tunnel that Santa is going to bring. 

He no longer wants anyone to feed him. If you try to feed him he will shake his head no. He loves to eat crackers and breakfast bars. As soon as he is finished with a bottle or his sippy cup he throws it as far as he can. He no longer takes any formula. He drinks whole milk and I put liquid vitamins once a day in his sippy cup. Friday I let him have room temperature hot chocolate. He loved it! We also got him his first Happy Meal the night we put up our Christmas tree. It was such a fun time as a family.

Jack's First Happy Meal

Our family trip to buy a tree topper and tree skirt.

The Christmas tree is up. We debated on putting it up in the living room. We figured he would drive us crazy messing with it but he has done really well. We have a three times rule. After we have to get on to him three times for touching it he goes to baby jail (pack and play). 

He does patty cake and will put his hands up when you say touchdown. He will say no sometimes when he shakes his head. How do they always learn the word no so quickly? He is extremely ticklish just like his mama. He has the cutest laugh. He is running all over the place and still falls down a lot but jumps right back up. He has a little mini slide and has no fear going down it. He has bumps and bruises all over the place. Being on Celexa has helped with my anxiety about him getting hurt. 

He is just so much fun and each day I look forward to see what else he will come up with that day. The best part is knowing that each month is only going to be better and it is pretty darn great right now. 

My Little Elf


  1. Haha baby jail..good idea! And yay first happy meal! Cute pics!

  2. I love the photo of him with the candy cane "antlers." Good to know we're not the only ones that have a baby jail. Ours is the spinner in the kitchen :-)