Friday, December 6, 2013

Hunkering Down

So there is a possible ice storm heading our way. We live in the southeastern corner of Arkansas so we have a smaller chance of the worst of it. The possibility is still there so we are preparing to hunker down and praying that we keep electricity. 

Now in my college days times like these were exciting. We grabbed a few snacks and lots of beer add in some board games and we were set to go. Not the case with a husband who LOVES his tv and a baby who prefers his milk warm. 

I've done what I can. I've bought some food (mostly junk), got some candles, a few flashlights, and lots of Dr. Pepper and milk. I bought a car charger (mine broke recently) so I can have a phone. This weekend it will be just the family and I'm excited. 

The question now is will we have school tomorrow??? What I don't want to happen is we get to school and it start and then we have to try to get home safely. Jack and I live 30 minutes from where I work. Plus I have bus duty every day which will have me 30 minutes later leaving school which will just give it more time to get more dangerous. It is very hilly in this area and I just don't feel comfortable driving in it with my baby in the car. I'd just call in except that it is book fair week and I HAVE to be there if school is in session. If we leave school before 1:30 we have to make the day up anyways so I really feel like they need to go ahead and just cancel because they are predicting for it to hit this area around noon tomorrow. 

If I could have my way I would want school to be canceled and my husband to get home safely tomorrow morning. We would be stuck inside all weekend just the three of us. We would watch Christmas movies and I would work in Santa's workshop aka the guest room. We would snuggle and take naps. It would be really cold outside and even a little icy but we keep electricity. Sounds perfect to me!


  1. Ugh, we got iced in BAD! We're still stuck. It's ridiculous. How did things turn out for you??

  2. I'm glad you didn't get hit too badly. I had to go to work Friday and when I left at noon, wound up spinning across the highway and back trying to pick up my kids!