Thursday, December 5, 2013

Rambling Woman

Last Friday night my mom was a saint and offered to watch Jack for me so I could clean house. J was working the whole weekend so I would have the night to myself. It was heavenly! Isn't that sad? Two years ago on a Friday night I would have been out and about at midnight. Last Friday night I was organizing Jack's dresser. I deep cleaned the house, like moved the couch, deep cleaned. I wrapped Christmas gifts, ran errands, did laundry, organized, and did some online shopping. I got so much accomplished! Right before Jack was scheduled to come home I ran to Walgreens to get a few more Christmas decorations and got them put up. Not long after he was home my living room looked like this...

The rest of our weekend was pretty blah. J was gone all weekend working so it was just Jack and I. He isn't much of a great adult companion. He is good at entertainment though. We watched some Christmas movies. During Shrek the Halls he would laugh out loud. It was the cutest thing! He loved the donkey. 

I'm looking forward to this weekend. My husband will be home all weekend. It is going to be super cold with possible ice so we'll be stuck in the house. Lots of fun family time. I'm going to go to the grocery store mid-week to stock up on food, drink, and entertainment. I'm going to soak the family time up! 

Now here are a few funnies:

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  1. How's the weather down there? I've been thinking about you, especially because that stuff is coming our way shortly!