Tuesday, December 3, 2013

It's Okay....

Nugget On A Budget

Today I am linking up with Kera and Leslie to vent a little about my week. They are some of my favorite posts to read and so this week I have decided to join in.

It's okay....that we had all intentions of taking Jack to his first Christmas parade but at the very last minute decided not to go because we were running behind and he was cranky.

It's okay....that I had the nurse hold Jack when he got his shots. I've never actually taken him to get his shots because I'm a big baby when it comes to seeing my baby hurt. I handed him over and waited in the hallway for it to be over.

It's okay....that the idea of the weather being icy on Friday and school being closed sounds fantastic. We just had Thanksgiving vacation which teased me and now I need a long weekend. Being stuck in the house with my family sounds wonderful.

It's okay....that my mom bought my husband a bag of Reese cups as part of his birthday gift bag. He left it unopened in the freezer (he loves them frozen). I opened them and ate some of them. He hates when people gets his stuff so I bought a whole new bag and he never knew.

It's okay....that I love my son just a little bit more now that he is sleeping through the night. 

It's okay....that I hate book fair week so much even though the kids love it. It is so much stress on me. Lots of money to deal with. Too many kids with bags of change with no idea about money or taxes. 


  1. I can't imagine how stressful book week is, I would feel so bad that I would want to help the kids buy books lol. Sometimes plans change due to cranky babies and mamas. It happens!

  2. Haha. I love it that you ate his Reese's and replaced them. Totally something I would do!

  3. Totally okay to have a change of plans at the last minute! That's what mama life is all about, right? It does take some getting use to though lol. And good for you on taking your son for his shots. He's probably most comfortable with you there with him :) Babies sleeping through the night...it's awesome! Thanks for linking up this week mama :)