Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Didn't Know I Was Crazy

Happy pills - that's the problem!  Just like we talked about, AC! That's got to be it. Lol.

Two weeks ago I had my second ever silent migraine (5 years apart). They aren't very common but are very scary. You basically have extreme migraine symptoms minus the actual headache. It feels like you are having a stroke. I went to the doctor that afternoon just to make sure that it was another silent migraine.  He said they are usually brought on by stress and/or not getting enough sleep. Well hello! I am Mrs. Stressed and have always been that way. I'm a stressed out kinda person. I also never get enough sleep because my one year old still doesn't sleep through the night.

He put me on two medications. The first medication is something I take twice a day to prevent headaches. Since taking this medication I have only had one headache, which was the day I started taking the medicine. I went from having a headache every day to having no headaches. Amazing! Everything use to give me a headache. Headaches run on my dad's side of the family. It is the best thing to not have a headache. It has changed my life. 

The second medication he put me on is Celexa. Let me tell you people I never knew my life could be this good or maybe I should say I never knew my life was so bad. I was so stressed out about the dumbest things and now that anxiety is gone. I am no longer quick to say something I can't take back to my husband. The first weekend he was off work and I was on my medication he kept asking what was wrong. I kept saying nothing and I asked him why he kept asking if there was something wrong. He said because you aren't yelling and you look relaxed. I didn't realize I yelled that much. I never realized how much anxiety I had before. 

My husband said it is nice to have his wife back-the one he fell in love with before I had a baby. I guess I had some postpartum issues that I was never aware of. He said he is going to have to get reacquainted to this woman. The woman who can sit down and watch a tv show and let the cleaning go. The woman who can ignore her husband's ignorant comments. The woman who can hand her son a cracker and not panic about him chocking. The woman who doesn't have to get out of bed to check the doors again. The woman who doesn't beat herself up for not being perfect. I like this woman so much better. 


  1. Migraines are the worst. Unfortunately, the daily preventatives I've tried have all given me terrible side effects. I'm glad you found one that works for you!

  2. Awww, I a, so so happy that you are feeling like you again. I love my celexa!