Friday, January 10, 2014

What I Want From a Blog

Don't drink and blog #quotes #lifelessons

Not only am I a blog writer but I am also a blog reader. I follow over a 100 blogs but only read about 20 of those a day depending on what they are offering that day. There are a handful of bloggers that I read religiously because they are my blogging buddies and I must see what they gotta say. Today I thought I would share with you what I am looking for when choosing which blog posts I want to read and which blog posts I want to skip. 

What I love to read:
1. Lists. When people write numbered lists I always click. 

2. Interesting facts. Every now and again a blogger will post facts about themselves. I love reading those because you get personal insight. Quirks are the best!

3. Rants. Who doesn't love a good rant?

4. A review of a product I've been thinking about purchasing. I don't always read reviews but there have been several times where a review has come in handy.

5. Organizing tips. I love organizing so anytime I see a post about organizing I always click. I've learned so many amazing tricks thanks to bloggers.

6. Process posts. Posts where a blogger is writing about their progress always interest me. I'm always on the path of bettering myself so I enjoy see other people make progress. Even if they weren't able to make strides I like seeing that I'm not alone. What worked for them could work for me.

7. Easy recipes. I really love crock pot recipes.

8. Money saving tips or anything about getting out of debt.

9. Free printables. My Pinterest board is full of my printable collections.

10. Cute and easy DIY. If it requires tools then it probably isn't for me. I'm more of a tape/glue/scissors kinda gal. I don't mind a little paint but a saw will not be used. I also love the vinyl projects but I don't have the equipment so until I win one I'll just have to stick to pinning them. 

What I don't care to read:
Absolutely no negative feelings toward that blogger but it is just me and what I'm seeking to read. I still follow them but just don't pick that particular post to read that day. 

1. What I Wore. My fashion is awful so seeing someone else look cute just reminds me how awful my clothes are. My only exception is Absolute Mommy because she makes even those posts funny.

2. Recipes that look complicated.

3. Over the top party recaps.

4. Year in Review posts. They are just too overwhelming.

5. Weekend recaps unless you are my blogging buddies. I'm so thrilled you had a wonderful thrilling over the moon exciting weekend. I spent my weekend keeping my one year old from eating his poop so seeing your weekend pictures of you looking super cute at the club makes me sad. I'd rather just skip that. 

6. Amazing house renovations. My house ain't that nice and will probably never be and I don't have the money to do anything like that. Makes me jealous. Sometimes if it looks like something my future could be like I'll take a look and pin it. 

7. Skinny people talking about weight loss. Weight is an issue for everyone. I get that. I also understand that even skinny people might want to gain some weight. #wishihadthatproblem. What drives me a little crazy is when a skinny gal obsesses on her blog about losing weight. Girl, you don't even understand what it feels like to have a real weight problem. I'm not saying your 5 pounds aren't important to you but I just don't want to read about it. People who are in that position will. 

I hope this posts gives you a little insight into the mind of this blog reader. We can't please everyone everyday but we can please someone.

The most important thing when writing a blog post is just to stay true to yourself. If you are a fashionista and love it, that is awesome, share it with the world. If your life is simple and your family is your life, that is awesome too, share it with the world. There is someone out there who shares similar life experiences. 

Happy blogging my friends!!!!


  1. I'm with you on the #7 skinny people who talk about loosing weight. Gag me with a spoon.

  2. I hate complicated DIYs also! I found a DIY for the most adorable welcome mat--it was made out of brightly painted wood pieces. Then I go read the tutorial and it's like "cut the wood into blank by blank pieces, use a drill to make holes then put metal bars along the wood pieces" and I was like uh, nope!

    1. haha I know what mat you're talking about!! I don't do construction, either! LOL

  3. Love this, I agree! #7 kills me, I just skip right over!

  4. lol at #5 and I agree with so many of these! P.s you are one of my blogging buddies so you are an exception ;) and thanks for some post ideas!

  5. Uh, oh. If I ever cross into no-no blogging land, will you please get me back on track? :-)

  6. Also, Bella just saw the picture in this post over my shoulder and said, "No pears, mama?" LOL

  7. I love this post!! You rock and I totally agree:)

  8. I heart you! This is a great post! I so agree with #5 and #7.