Friday, February 7, 2014

10 Facts Friday


1. My dad, Herschel Wayne, was a foster care child. Both of his parents died in car crashes. Because of this, family is very important to him. He is happiest when all his babies are under one roof.

2. My mom, Juanita, doesn't know who her real father is. She asked her mom once and she slapped her across the face. It is something no one in the family talks about. 

3. My nephew Bennett is super smart and at 2 already knows all of his letters and numbers. He can already write some words and can spell some words. He is obsessed with learning. He is all about books and memorizes them. He so should have been my child.

My nephew Bennett

4. My brother Mitchell is in a wheelchair. He has born with spina bifida. Growing up he had crutches and braces on his legs. My mom worked really hard to make sure he was a regular boy. He even played baseball. Since I grew up with a disabled brother I have a great ability to not treat them special. They are regular people. He use to torture me just like a regular brother would do.

5. My sister Samantha is 7 years younger than me. They waited so long to have another child because they said I was such a handful. Can you believe that? My sister loves fashion and will not leave the house unless she is dressed to the nines. I went to the store with house shoes on last night. We are very different.

My sister Samantha

6. Growing up we use to all load up in the truck and go riding the levee. We would listen to the top 40 country countdown. I miss those moments.

7.   Not trying to brag but our family is often complimented on our eyes. Thanks Dad!

8. My Dad is very protective. He calls me every morning when he wakes up. I have to call him when I leave the house for work. I call him when I get to work. I call him when I leave work. I call him when I get home. I call before I go to bed. He HAS to know that his kids are okay in order to be okay. My sister works at a bank. There is 2 of the same banks in our town. Well he heard that the bank was robbed. I swear he almost had a heart attack and killed himself trying to get up there. It happened at the other branch and thankfully everyone was safe. When I was in school and the weather got bad the kids would make a joke because they knew the intercom would be coming on soon saying I was about to get checked out. 

9. Growing up my mom never did anything for herself. All she ever did was cook, clean, work, and take care of us. Every now and then friends would come over and play cards. Her favorite artist ever is Percy Sledge. If mama ever got mad Percy Sledge came on and if mama ever got really happy Percy Sledge would come on.

10. We were a very normal family. We ordered pizza every Wednesday night and would rent a movie. We would watch Jeopardy together and play along. We played board games. We went to the movies on Tuesday nights. We only went to the mall during Christmas and before school started. Supper every day at five. Took turn doing the dishes. Cleaned house and the yard on Saturday and then would usually do something fun or go to someones house to cookout. I was allowed to go one street up and one street back. I lived 2 blocks from the school. We had to be home when mom turned the outside light on. I really don't have many complaints. 


  1. #2 is similar to my family situation. I haven't seen my father since I was two and it's something no one talks about. Whenever I've asked, I get shushed, although I have found out some info on him through this wondrous internet. As a child of that situation, it's extremely frustrating! Both of my sil's are #5 whereas I honestly couldn't care less what I look like to go run errands. We get along but sometimes I don't understand how we can be a part of the same family. #8 That would drive me insane! I'm sure it stems from his childhood, but how do you deal?

  2. Sounds like you have a lot of great childhood memories and a wonderful family. I can understand why your dad is so protective of you - poor him as a little boy. Always love learning more about the people I follow!!!

  3. i just love this post. why is it the deepest posts are the best? it's like the snappiest way for us to get to know you! love it!

  4. Nothing better than a good post of random facts. I have actually started one and haven't finished it, yet. Wonderful stuff shared here.
    Amy @