Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Layered Strawberry Dessert

I love me some strawberries. It was one of my huge cravings the whole time I was pregnant. This is one easy dessert. There is a total of 4 things you will need.

Crumble cake in a dish. I used the packaged dessert shells. Any kind of cake would be just as good. 

Spoon vanilla pudding on top of the cake.

Cut up strawberries and put on top of the pudding.

Smooth on some cool whip. I used from the container but I love making my own. It is so much better. 

Keep layering until your container is full. Serve within a few hours. We had lots of leftovers since it is just 3 of us. I really wish I had made a smaller size. After a day of sitting in the fridge it does get kind of watery. So I would suggest serving within the first day. It is super easy and very yummy!


  1. I make something similar but with brownies and chocolate pudding. I'm envisioning brownies, chocolate pudding and strawberries...yum!

  2. This looks delicious! I could probably eat all of it myself! Soo good!

  3. Oh wow, that looks super delicious! Just stopping by to pin this and to let you know I featured it on my blog today!