Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Things That Need to Change and Why

As part of being more intentional I have decided to take the advice from the website lifeyourway.net. Today I am sharing what needs to change in my life and why it is like that. I believe it is very important to explain why these negative things are in my life and I've allowed them there. I'm also adding how I can change this behavior.

1. My bad eating habits.
Why: I don't plan my meals and I end up skipping meals and replacing them with Dr. Peppers. Once I do eat, I eat, it's always crappy food. Very rarely do I sit down to eat. Crap like lunchables, cookies, Debbie Cakes, and Ritz crackers pretty much make up my diet. 

How can I change this: I need to factor myself in when I am meal planning. I need to start buying more fruits and vegetables. Fixing my lunch at night makes it easier for me to stick to eating right and makes mornings less stressful. I also need to work on phasing out Dr. Pepper or at least limiting it down to one. One thing that needs adding to my daily routine is breakfast to eliminate mid-morning runs to the vending machine.

2. House cleaning not being consistent. 
Why: I don't stick to cleaning schedules well because some days I just physically can't after working all day. Although I love schedules, cleaning schedules don't work for me because of my husband's all over the place work schedule.
How can I change this: Make a list of realistic chores that need done daily, weekly, and monthly. This chart needs posted so Jeremy can see it what he can do.

3. Our chaotic mornings
Why: I don't always wake up before Jack, I don't always lay out our clothes, sometimes I have to shower, I don't always make sure my lunch is made, I sometimes have to stop to put gas in the car, and I often have to run around trying to find last minute things.

How can i change things:
Wake-up no later than 5:40. Do the following the day/night before:
-take a shower
-make lunch
-put gas in car 
-take out trash
-set out clothes


  1. That consistent house cleaning is something I need to change. I'm sure that you'll be able to make the changes, but why does developing new habits always seem so difficult?

  2. We are focusing on the same things! Especially the crazy mornings! Good luck! With planning it always gets easier!

  3. I've discovered that if I don't eat breakfast, it's all over for the rest of the day eating-wise. It really is the most important meal of the day! I've always sort of meal planned in my head, but I've started posting it on our dry erase board on the fridge so we know what we'll be having each week. I usually make part of the meal the night before after the kids have gone to bed so that it's not so crazy when we get home from work.

  4. I love your practical approach to this! You have done an excellent job pin-pointing the areas that you want to improve and outlining the steps to make each manageable. Wow, that's great! Very inspirational!