Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Am I the Only Mother Who...

Has went 3, okay 4, days without giving their baby a bath?

Has fed them sweets for supper just they will eat something?

Has screamed into a pillow?

Has forgot to pack a cup when going to a restaurant?

Has picked them up when you know they are just being bratty?

Has gave your baby a taste of something they don't like more than once just so you can see their face and take a picture?

Has rocked your baby to sleep after you have promised to stop?

Has given your baby a bath just to calm him calm because he loves to splish splash?

Has screamed too loud at your baby because you thought they were about to fall off the couch and then they end up screaming because you screamed?

Has fed your child mashed potatoes every night for a week because at least he will eat that?

Has cried to anyone who will listen that you are sucking at this mommy job?

Has let them run around naked because that booty is just too dang cute?

Has taken and shared way too many pictures because your baby is the cutest thing on Earth?

Has cleaned up snot with you shirt and caught throw up in your hand?

Has went to bed praying that your child sleeps through the night?

Has thought "I can't believe my child just did that"?

Has laughed like a teenage boy at your little ones toots?

Has woke them up because you simply missed them (will not make that mistake again)?

I really could go on and on and on but I will stop for today. Tell me I'm not alone and if I am, I'm good with it, because my sweet baby child makes my heart so happy.


  1. I'm guilty of every single one of these. Especially the funny faces.. pickles do wonders for that ;) haha

    1. Yay! I'm not alone! I don't think I've tried pickles. This morning Jack kept trying to taste my Dr. Pepper and I let him (even though I knew he would hate it). Oh that face!

  2. I've done almost all of these as well! I just have Travis a bath last night after 4 nights without because we'd been busy each night and just hadn't had time. And I forget cups all of the time when going to restaurants. The worst though is when I forget diapers and he poops. D: you are definitely not alone!

  3. I've done almost all of these, except I refuse to catch vomit with my hands...I just can't. :)

    1. I never thought I could catch vomit with my hands but I've done it and it wasn't pretty.

  4. I've done most of these, I think it's totally normal :-)

  5. I'm not a momma but I adored this post!