Tuesday, May 13, 2014

1 Day=A Week

There is just something about May when you are an educator. My goodness gracious time slows down between the hours of 8 and 4. You can see the finish line but you feel like you are climbing uphill to get to it. Each day feels like a week. 

The kids are mentally done and so are the teachers. Everything is true crazy chaos. We literally are just trying to make it through. There is so much to get done to wrap up the year. All we want to do is run but we are glued to wanting to get paid. 

One thing that is helping me make it through is the new venture I mentioned the other day. Things are really going well. I started up a new blog just for locals in the area. I live in southeast Arkansas and there is no place online to go to read about events in the area nor a place to find out who has a business. Living in such a rural area, many people have business in their homes or set up booths. Many of them use Facebook as a way to advertise. My goal is to help promote their talents and giveaway items for people to try themselves. No matter what word of mouth is still the most powerful tool. 

Simply Southern is the name. I would love any feedback. Any ideas or suggestions would be great. You can check it out by clicking here


  1. Ugh I know how you feel! I missed the post where you were talking about your new blog, but what a great idea! I'll definitely check it out! I hope the end of the school year hurries up for you. :)

  2. Such a good idea. And I'm counting down the days....13

  3. I finally got a chance to check out the new blog and I think it's great!