Monday, May 19, 2014

Mrs. Mama Has a Bad Child

Don't let this smile fool you-this child is B. A. D. He is 18 months old and is starting to get vocal. He can say three things:

1. Stop

2. No no

3. Get down

He loves to test me on a daily basis. He'll do something he isn't suppose to do and while he is doing it he looks right at you with a devilish grin on his face. At only a year old there is only so much you can do when it comes to discipline. 

Jack is a daredevil. I enjoy taking him to the park but it is so nerve wracking. He is extremely brave which causes this mama to be overworked but he adores outside.

One little boy who is not a daredevil is my nephew Bennett. In this picture he is pointing to the slide and saying "that is a fall". He threw a fit but I pushed him down the slide anyways. He loved it so LaLa was super cool Aunt LaLa after that and he made me push him down the slide over and over again.

Another park outing. It really is so nice having a park within walking distance. He looks too cute but he is so bad. My mom said I acted just like him so maybe there is hope because I turned out okay if I say so myself. 

Right by our front door a baby squirrel has made his home. When I first noticed it I expected it to run away quickly but nope it stayed right there. He started following me around as I took out the trash. He then tried to follow me inside the house. We are now using the backdoor. I can't have a squirrel inside my house even if it is super cute. 

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