Monday, May 26, 2014

Mrs. Mama Surprised Her BFF

Each year for many many years several of our friends attend a yearly festival in Little Rock called Riverfest. It has always been a really great time. Riverfest is a music festival where several acts perform. On top of that there are amazing vendors selling merchandise and amazing food. Basically it is a huge party for 3 days. We only attend for 2 days. 

Honestly a lot of drinking occurs. A group of responsible wives and mothers let their hair down and act like we are youngsters again. 

Two years ago I decided to not go because I was pregnant and who wants to be around a bunch of drunk people when you are pregnant? Last year I didn't go because I just wasn't ready to leave Jack for a weekend and I was still recovering from my necrosis surgery. This year I told the group I wasn't going because I am dealing with a lot of pain from my hernia and scar tissue. 

Friday was a regular day and when Jack and I got home Jeremy was napping. Once he got up we discussed what we would want to do this weekend. He suggested me going out with friends but I told him that all my friends were at Riverfest. He said why don't you go. One minute I was sitting in the chair at home to throwing some clothes in a bag. My plan was to go up for only that one night. I made record time getting there. When i got to the hotel all my friends were eating several blocks away. She said after eating they were going to go straight to the festival. This was not what I needed to happen.

They had no idea I was there and I wanted this to be a surprise. The surprise was meant for my BFF Brooke because she and I were the ones who started this Riverfest tradition. 

I had to think quick on my feet as I sat in the courtyard drinking a few beers. There were a group of young kids and I asked one of the young boys to call and pretend to be the hotel manager saying there was a problem with her credit card and that she needed to come back to clear up the issue. I waited anxiously to surprise her. 

She was standing at the front desk when I tapped on her shoulder. She flipped out. She was jumping up and down and hugging me. It was the best surprise. 

We had an amazing night and I'm so glad I was able to surprise my friends even if I weren't able to hang the whole weekend. We saw Lee Brice in concert and then headed to the piano bar. 

The next morning I headed home feeling a little too old to be pulling a night like I had but I know it was worth it. Sometimes you just have to throw caution to the wind and let your hair down for the sake of friendships.

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