Friday, May 23, 2014

Mrs. Mama's Student Was Missing

Yesterday at 6:32 I received a phone call from the number of our school. My first thought was that it was one of those automated messages reminding everyone that tomorrow was party day. 

The voice on the other end of the line was that of the vice-principal. I was instantly caught off guard. She asked me several questions about a student that I put on the bus each day. My mind was racing trying to remember details. He had been missing for 3 hours. 

The knot was in my stomach before our phone conversation was over. I gave her everything I could think of in the moment. I imagined myself being hypnotized trying to bring back memories, looking for details. 

In the title I could easily replace student with kid. They are all my babies. The longer I waited for answers the more I teared up imaging the mother's pain. I started putting myself in her situation but it was too much for me to bare. 

At a little after seven I got a text saying he had been found. 

That was not good enough for me. I had to know that he was okay. I texted the vice-principal and she said she didn't know any details at the time. A little later I got a text saying that he is okay. 

We really don't know all the details. He was on his bus so he either got off at someone's house or there wasn't anyone at his house when the bus dropped him off so he went and did his own thing. Either way-poor child. 

I went to him today and said "I was so scared for you and I'm so happy that you are okay" and I gave him a hug. 


  1. Oh wow! Very scary. Glad he was ok!!

  2. That's terrifying and something I think about as my kids get closer to school age. Glad he was ok!

  3. That is terrifying!! I couldn't even imagine how I would feel if that was my child, or even just one that I help, like you do. So glad he is okay.