Saturday, June 7, 2014

List: Summer Vacation

It's that time again. Schools out for summer! While some of you will be drinking umbrella drinks on a beach, I'll be at home trying to accomplish as much as I possibly can while off work. There once was a time when summer meant sleeping in, vacations, drinking before 5 pm, going to the lake, and long nights. This summer I'm a mother to a very energetic monkey baby. I'll try and accomplish as much as possible while keeping Jack from busting his head open. My summer will be a mix of fun and responsibility. My ultimate goal is to spend good quality time with Jack. Without further ado, Mrs. Mama's summer 2014 to do list.

1) Have surgery and recover as quickly as possible.

2) Change my last name. I've been married two years on Monday and I still haven't changed my last name officially. 

3) Re-home our dog Charlie. We don't need any animals in our home. Taking care of Jack is enough as it is and Charlie is high needs. 

4) Organize our bills and work on debt plan.

5) Go to the eye doctor.

6) Get teeth cleaned.

7) Get Jack a small pool for the backyard.

8) Clean out and organize the craft room.

9) Clean out my closet.

10) Wean Jack off the bottle. He currently only has 1 a day which is right before bed. 

11) Get a grill.

12) Paint the den floor.

13) Go on 3 dates with my husband. An added goal is for these dates to be something besides just going out to eat.

14) Do 2 nice things for my mom.

15) Create a canvas art piece with Jack.

16) Take my nephew Bennett and my son Jack to The Wonder Place in Little Rock.

17) Make a habit of waking up at 5:30 each morning. As an introvert, I am fueled by alone time and I just have to have it to keep myself afloat. My days are always so packed that I need to give my alone time some commitment so I am really going to try and use the time before Jack is awake. Hopefully, I will be able to drive my coffee, read some blogs, write out a to do list.

18) Read 3 books. Currently I am reading "Save Me". I'm on page 62 and I love it so far!

19) Go through Jack's toys.

20) Take up our carpet in the bedroom.


  1. Sounds like a good list to me. If you get a chance read Chevy Stevens still missing. Just finished it and it's a good, but dark read!

  2. Good luck! You've got a busy summer ahead of you! I hope you also have plenty of fun with that beautiful boy of yours!

  3. We're rehoming our cats too. It's been a really hard decision but something that has needed to be done for a long time...I've had them for eight years and I feel horrible about it to be honest though. I told A to expect me to be pretty upset about it for awhile and just deal with it.

  4. "Have surgery" sounds no bueno! I hope recovery goes well! I do think paint the den floor sounds exciting!