Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Life as of Late

The humidity here in Arkansas is unbearable. You just want to walk around naked so you aren't feeling your clothes glued to you. It's something us Arkansans have just learned to deal with but no matter what my hair is anti-humidity. It's just a hot mess and I'm having to take two showers a day. 

On Monday I am scheduled for a colonoscopy. Fun! Honestly, I'm not all that worried about it since Jeremy and my sister have had one before and they both said there was nothing to it. With that said, I'm still not thrilled, but really who would be? Never mind, do not answer that question. Moving on...

A week from tomorrow I will have surgery on my stomach. The surgery has been planned for quite some time and is finally happening since I have time off work. What a great way to spend summer vacay! I'm full of sarcasm today. 

The rundown of why I am having surgery goes like this: 
1)had a c-section in November 2012 that was botched
2)my stomach tissue became hard and black (it was literally dying)
3)January 2013 had all the dead tissue removed and was put on a wound vac for 6 weeks
4)all was good (except it looking absolutely awful) for several months
5)in November of 2013 I begin having pain in my stomach again and I went from doctor to doctor to doctor looking for answers
6)March 2014 I ended up with a severe stomach virus and ended up in the ER where they did a scan
7)my current doctor got those scan results and discovered that the pain is caused from severe scar tissue build up with a hernia under all that

Whew (wiping my brow)! It's just my journey.

I've been mentally dealing with a personal issue that isn't meant for the internet. I'll just say when you are protecting another's secret and that secret impacts your own life it can weigh on you. I am a person who has to talk her way through things and I can't. I've had to turn to God to talk to. I've been asking for peace and answers.

My house is filled with the wonderful aroma of a roast that has been simmering in the crock pot all day. Those put together roasts in the supermarket are my favorite. All you do is empty the contents into the crock pot and turn it on. 

My child loves to climb. This is not safe! If he is ever being quiet then I know exactly what he is doing. I do not understand how he watches tv that close.

Look at that beautiful smile! We are having cookies for lunch. Summer break is awesome already.

I decided to take Jack outside into the humid air to keep him awake. I was cleaning some of his outside toys with the water hose when he walked my way. I sprayed him and at first he was shocked and ran away. He kept coming back and each time he loved it more and more and would stay longer without running away. Here he is all soaked and mushy. 

Tomorrow I head north to visit my BFF Jess on her birthday. These were last minute plans. I'm super excited about our tame afternoon. What is even more exciting is how joyful Jess has been since she learned I was coming up for the night. She is even taking a half-day so we can spend more time together. I always leave her home feeling refreshed and like I should pay her for therapy. 

This weekend I'll be sticking close to home since I can't have anything but liquids (the ones listed on the form) for 48 hours before the colonoscopy and I'll have to take lots of bathroom breaks. I can eat breakfast Saturday morning and then that is it. I'm going to eat something really yummy. 

Well guys, I know I've thrown a bunch at you but that is life as of late in the world of Mrs. Mama.


  1. first of all...this humidity is TERRIBLE! TERRIBLE. I'm just over even trying to look presentable. Hair=bun for the rest of the freaking summer.

    and WHOA GIRL! I can't believe you have all that going on. Sending very positive thoughts your way and hoping you recover asap so you can enjoy your summer!

  2. The humidity and heat in Charleston last week was AWFUL! It's like what we get in July and August up here. I don't know how you Southerners do it! :-) I'll be thinking about you during your surgery next week. I hope all goes well. Please keep me posted on your recovery!