Wednesday, June 4, 2014

My BFF's Birthday and How To Be a Great BFF

Jess and her husband Stan
*written in purple because it is Jessica's favorite color

Today is my best friend Jessica's birthday. Although we rarely see each other I feel like I see her all the time. We communicate with our phones via many long talks and lots of texts. She is my go to person when I need to talk about the tough stuff. She is the best listener. I literally could talk to her for hours. Literally, because I have (many times). She is my free therapy. 

We watch some of the same shows and we discuss them at length. We cut the episodes into small pieces and take it ALL in. Big Brother is one of those shows and we actually talk during each commercial. We share the same whit and too often think the exact same things. 

We are also very different. It works though. It works because our differences have nothing to do with what makes our friendship work. 

Jess has the greatest heart of anyone I know. She is loyal. She has empathy. She cares with her whole being. She is the best aunt. She is hilarious. She is very smart. She thinks before she acts. I really could go on and on about her great qualities. I may come off as bias since I am her BFF and all but all of these things are true. The people who know her would back me up. 

Some of my favorite things about her is that she always has my back. If there were a room full of girls and they decided to pick at my life (you know those situations) she would stand up and support me. I would do the same for her. Even if she disagreed with something I did she would still have my back. Any conversation she would have about me with someone else would be of joy or concern and never hurt. I trust her with my secrets and the greatest gift is knowing she can trust me as well. You don't get many people like that in your life. 

We can have the best time just grubbing on some food, watching stupid tv (America's Next Top Model is our show of choice), laughing, and doing lots of talking. 

I feel so lucky that she is my friend. Not many people get a friend like Jess. I don't know what I would do without her. I'm not sure how I got to be so lucky. I'm just thankful that I have a friend like her. 

How to be a best friend:

1) Remember the important things. I'm not talking just their birthday but also the person they can't stand at work. Make jokes about that person like you know them, which you will feel like you do because you will take in the stories about this annoying work person. 

2) Send humorous texts at random that only the two of you will get. Inside jokes build connections.

3) Never talk negatively about that person to anyone else. There might come a time when you disagree with them but never turn to other people. Sometimes it is better to let things go and if it is important enough then talk through it with them.

4) Always keep their secrets and share yours with them.

5) If they call with a problem or a success do not interrupt them to talk about yourself.

6) When they are sharing an issue actually listen to what they say.  Make them feel understood. Relate without making it about you and your life. You don't want them feeling like they are alone.

7) Support them. If the lady at Subway was rude to her then give her the evil eye the next time you are in Subway. If you are not brave enough to actually do an evil eye then think it. Jess always remembers the people who were mean to me. Even if she can't be around to give them the evil eye, she will say "stupid B" when I mention their name. 

8) Check back in. If your BFF calls and tells you about something then check in to see how things are going. You may just need to send a follow up text. 

There you have it. 8 ways to be a great BFF. I wish you all could meet Jessica because she is the greatest and the bestest BFF a gal could ever have.

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