Monday, June 30, 2014

Not Going As Planned

My body is taking its sweet time healing. I had a hernia repair and scar tissue removal on June 11 and finally tomorrow I get my stitches out. I'm having some complications. I have a massive swollen knot a few inches above my incision. The doctors have disagreed as to what it is (talk about not making me feel at ease). I'm trying to just be understanding and do what I can. I never realized how difficult it would be to heal with a toddler. The doctor keeps saying no lifting but I have to pick him up. Even with other people around they just can't do it all. It's awful and I really hate relying on others. 

Tomorrow is July and my summer just isn't going quite as planned. I'm sorry for the pity party. 

I'll share a little about my bad little Jack who is a mess. 

He is spunky. He goes up to his cousin who is twice his size and just smacks him. Of course, he is just doing it so Bennett will chase him because it is a little game they play. Sometimes Bennett doesn't want to play so he will just want to hit him back. They will slap back and forth. Jack will get his feelings hurt and start crying but the whole time he is continuously slapping. We have to break them up. I guess I will never have to worry about my child getting bullied. 

He loves drinking out of a big boy cup and saying ahhh. He also loves drinking out of a straw. He trashes his room daily. I will go in there and show him how to put toys in his containers and he will do it too and then he will dump them all out right then and there. He laughs hysterically. It is a lost cause. His favorite thing is to dump out his socks. 

One exciting thing about summer is that Big Brother is back. So far I don't really have a favorite. I will say Frankie sticks out to me as a good player who is also funny. I also like the girls wearing glasses. 

So basically to sum things up, my surgery healing is not going as well as planned, my child is a straight up mess, and I'm loving that Big Brother is back on tv. 


  1. :( I'm so sorry it's not going as well as you hoped it would!

  2. Girl, I'm praying for you!! I'm sorry you're not healing as quickly as you'd like and that you're having such a tough time. This, too, will pass! :)