Tuesday, July 1, 2014

All Around

Summer memories with my little family. We may not be heading to the beach but we sure do laugh.

Chloe's Chili Cornbread Bake. It is such a simple recipe and it is yumm-o!

More water because I want to heal quickly.

Blogs mainly. I started a book weeks ago but haven't picked it up in like 2 weeks. 

To heal, feel better, and enjoy the rest of my summer.

At all the things in this house that need to be done. When you are suppose to be taking it easy you may want to leave your house because everything is taunting you.

Ring around the roses a hundred times a day from my chair. Jack loves to say "all fall down".

All this sit down time with tv instead of reading, writing, and crafts. Damn you SUV!

That we had our own pool.

The last two days with my little family. Jeremy has been off work so we have just hung around the house and its been nice. Also fresh veggies from my dad's garden.

On the house cleaning fairy.

Watching my nephew Bennett and Jack interact. Boys are interesting creatures.

How our first couples therapy session is going to go. We are so jokey with each other unless we are fighting so it might be odd to be real and serious.

Pralines and cream ice cream...man I love that stuff!

I can still accomplish the goals for 2014. So far I've done pretty good and I want to keep the momentum. 

That my 19 month old has decided that once he is put to bed to play in his crib for a really long time before actually going to sleep. We can hear him with the monitor just cutting up. He's not crying and will eventually go to sleep so we just let him be. It's almost 10 and he is still laughing it up. 

A pedicure like so bad. 

Nothing right this minute but when I think of a recent smell I think of bleach. I have been bleach soak cleaning the fridge shelves. 

Skirts. Long flowing colorful skirts. Pair it with a simple shirt and I have my summer look. 

Jack around as he gets into everything and climbs on everything.

That I feel a lot more at ease when my house is in order. 

When my husband and I get alone time we act like children. We are a lot more fun when we don't have to be responsible. Getting away from the house helps me to forget about all the things I am suppose to be doing.

About what life would be like if I had lots of energy and I was healed. I'm so jealous of those people who have lots of energy and wake up ready to match Jack's energy. 

Lots of toddler activities. If you want to check them out you can click here. This takes you to my Pinterest board and you can find the toddler activities under Active Mama.

At Jack and his silliness. Each day he gets funnier. You can already tell he is going to be a goofball and we love it. He can really put on a show.

Anxious to get to a better place in my life.

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  1. acting like kids is the best though;))) hoping you get to that better place soon!