Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A Trip To Wal-Mart

It's the middle of the night, my family is tucked into their beds happily sleeping. I'm awake with another bout of insomnia. As much as I should be wishing for sleep I am enjoying this wonderful time. I know my family is safe, I'm enjoying this quiet time, and the world feels so still. 

Yesterday I got my stitches taken out. Yay! After my appointment, Jeremy and I went to Wal-Mart to get my prescriptions. While waiting in line to drop it off an older man stood behind us. The line wasn't moving so he started making small talk with us. He first commented on the high prices of the items near-by. He started talking our heads off. I tried to just ignore him (so basically I threw my husband to him). I'm such a good wife! I heard him quoting scripture. I'm not saying that is a bad thing but it does come off a little odd when you are just standing in line for a few minutes. I wasn't listening to everything he was saying but I knew he had said some Bible verses. The more he talked the closer he got to my husband and the lower he talked. I stood to the side and pushed the line along with my mind. Jeremy kept giving me the "save me" look. Finally, we were able to escape. Jeremy shared with me what the man had been saying. He was saying very racist comments. He also said that men should not listen to women. All in all it was an odd situation and we were both happy to get away from that man. You may walk around wearing your Jesus shirt and preaching scripture but when your heart is dark.....

When it was time to pick my medicine up we got in the long line. In front of us was a young adult boy who looked (and smelled) like he had been working hard. He complained about the long line along with the rest of us. His gal with baby in buggy came up checking on things. My hubby (with the face of someone who apparently likes to talk to strangers) strikes up a conversation with this guy. I leave them to their chatting. Once we are in the car Jeremy tells me that their baby has RSV and they were picking up his medicine but they couldn't afford it all. My husband (who is a paramedic) was telling him what was the must have things and also giving him some options of ways to help his son. Jeremy felt bad for the couple and mostly the baby so he wanted to inform them with places that could assist them quickly since the baby clearly needed all of the medication but they couldn't afford it all. If we had the money we would have paid for the medicine but with my own medical stuff money has been tight. I pray they took my husband's words and used them wisely. I pray that baby gets well.

Oh how a trip to Wal-Mart can enlighten you to things. I did walk away with Jack a cute pajama set for $4.97, a package of diapers, and a get well card for a dear friend. 


  1. Poor baby:/ and since I've been!

  2. Trips to Wal-Mart are always memorable in some way, ha! Wow, can't believe that guy you encountered in line. I always throw my husband to those kinds of people too. And that's so sad about the little baby, he'll be in my prayers too :(