Thursday, July 3, 2014

Having It All

Today I read a thought provoking post on Jessica's blog The Newly . Her opinion is that mothers can't have it all. It got me to thinking about my own opinion on the subject. 

Honestly, I'm not sure how I feel about the subject because I'm not sure what my definition of all really is. What I do know is that all is specific to the person and I believe it is fluid, always changing. 

I could define all as having a career and being a mother. I believe that is what Jessica was figuring out. Once you become a mother you have a primal urge to be with your baby so putting them in daycare feels unnatural. I think that last sentence could be a rock solid fact. For some, being a full time mother fulfills them completely and for others a nagging feeling will show up making them question if they are doing the right thing. 

As a teacher, I sort of get the best of both worlds. I have my summers to be a full time mom and get to enjoy my career during the school year. 

Do I feel like I have it all?

Not even close. Why? For me, having it all is not just about being a mother and having a career. My all is much bigger and I'm sure it is for Jessica and for every mother in the world. 

In this moment having it all means:
//Jack being healthy and happy
//Jeremy being healthy and happy
//a thriving career
//a clean and organized home
//feeling energized
//fulfilling my creative side
//good relationships with family and friends
//feeling comfortable in my body
//having a meaningful relationship with God
//making and constantly striving for my goals

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