Monday, July 7, 2014

Boys Will Be Boys

It was a beautiful 4th here in Arkansas! We set up the pool early that morning and gave it a few hours to let the sun heat it up before we let the boys out. You can see by the picture below that they had a big time. 

Boys are just different creatures. Well I say that based on my experience with Jack. He is all boy. Very rough and tough with some dirt rubbed in. Now when he really gets hurt or gets sleepy he wants his Mama. When he gets all snuggled in on me and holds on tight, that is my favorite. 

I'm also so lucky to have an amazing nephew. My goal is for Jack and Bennett to have a brotherly bond. More than likely Jack will not have a sibling so I want Bennett to be an older brother to Jack. 

Bennett will be 3 next month and he is so smart. He knows all his letters, can count to 40, can write some letters, knows every shape, knows concepts that some kindergartners don't know, and he can draw really well. The best thing is that he loves to learn. He will sit for a long time and let you teach him. Jack will not sit down for 2 minutes but he has been recognizing letters. He says some letters even though it isn't the right one. When words come on the tv he will go point and say o, a, s. It is so cute. 

Mainly they hit each other. Bennett got a set of plastic golf clubs and they have yet to hit a ball but they have hit each other lots of times and the window several times. Needless to say the clubs have been hidden. How do they come up with just walking up to each other and knocking the other in the head with a golf club? Just out of nowhere. The other pushes him down and then they laugh. What the hell? Girls would never do that. 

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  1. Jack is so stinkin' cute!! I see that you're in Arkansas, so we aren't that far apart! Happy you found me!