Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Getting It Together

Have you ever felt like life has taken over the person you want to be? Sometimes days roll onto each other and snowball and before you know it things feel out of control. You may feel like it is impossible to get a grip on things and take control. Today I'm here to give you a few tips on how to get back on top of things in your life.

1. Make a top 5. Sit down and write 5 things that would make you happy if they were present in your life. These may be objects or just feelings. Be as specific as possible. In my own life I would write "do more activities as a family". 

2. Stop and think. If life has gotten chaotic you probably don't have a lot of time but do what you can to give yourself about 15 minutes to just stop and think about what is going on. If you can't see how things got away from you then you might not can take back control. Think about what gives you the most anxiety and what gives you the most clarity. For me I would say "The thing that gives me a lot of anxiety is when I don't stay on top of our finances and what brings me clarity is having the house cleaned up". 

3. Set a routine. You may not can have a morning and night routine right away. It is actually harder than you think. Pick one and write out how you want that routine to go. Practice it. Tweak it until it works for your family. It will make you feel a sense of peace. Our nights need serious work done. If we had a more set routine I know it would be easier on Jack and all of us.

4. Focus on you. When you take care of you then you take care of your world so much better. I'm just gonna say it-you aren't gonna start being a health nut overnight. Just pick one simple thing to add or take away from your life that adds to the quality of your life. It will make you feel better just knowing that you are doing something good for yourself. 

5. Short term goals. What are the most important things to do each day? I can sit down each day and write out a to do list a mile long, but that is only gonna bring me down when I don't make a dent in it. The best thing to do is make a list no longer than 10 things that are most important to get done. You can make this list at night or first thing in the morning. For me, it is easier to do at night because our mornings are just too crazy. 

6. Take care of the 5 F's. Finance, Family, Fun, Faith, and Fitness are the 5 F's that when are in order will give you back a feeling of control. How those five F's are "taken care of" depends on you and your family. Sit down and define how each one would look in your perfect world. 

7. Do for others. When your world feels out of control you begin to get really self-absorbed because well everything just seems to be going all wrong for you. While you are trying to get things back on track do something nice for someone else each day. Not only will it make you feel great about yourself but it will also give you some perspective. Plus, some good karma couldn't hurt!

8. Compete. Give yourself that pep talk and imagine your life back in order. Play music that makes you feel that you are working to overcome a difficult time. Remind yourself daily that you are a fighter and picture yourself happy. Compete with yourself to be happy. You are aiming for the ultimate prize.

I hope these tips help you if you ever feel like your life needs reeled in some. The feeling that you get when your life feels together is so peaceful and something worth working towards. 

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