Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Skirt on the Ground, Skirt on the Ground, Looking Like a Fool

It's been two weeks since I've had my hernia repair and scar tissue removal surgery. Yesterday was an unusually bad day. Wanna hear about it? Great! 

Jeremy was at work and since I'm still recovering from surgery my mom stayed the night with Jack and I. The night before I had a severe migraine while the house slept. At 4 am as my headache was easing up and I was drifting off to sleep Jack woke up screaming. After getting him back settled I was able to get some sleep until 6. Not the best way to start your day.

While my mom ran uptown to get some McDonald's (I sure do love the iced mochas!) I got a call that there was a cancellation and that I could have that appointment if I got there in less than 40 minutes. Here is where I have to get real. Some may say that it is inappropriate to share but the purpose of this blog is to show the good and bad of marriage and parenting. Jeremy and I have decided to seek marriage counseling. This appointment was my one on one session and first meeting with Doc. Jeremy had met with him previously. For now I'll just say that I liked the therapist a lot and am very optimistic about what he can do for us. 

After therapy I did some grocery shopping (I know, I know I'm suppose to be taking it easy). My Mom has RA and a knee that is stripped and needs replaced. I hate asking her to do too much because she has a hard time moving around. Did I defend myself enough?  

We hang at the house for a little while and the whole time Jack was into everything. He would jump from cabinet to shelf just throwing things in the floor. He was on one for sure. We had to leave here at 3:45 in order to make it to my appointment. I was getting a check up and having my draining tube removed. My mom received an important phone call right before we were suppose to leave and we ended up leaving late. 

During this whole day I'm in horrible pain.

While I am in the examination room I can hear Jack screaming and making a ruckus. It was so stressful knowing he was causing such a scene and that my mom was doing all she could to try to contain him. I'm there listening to this as the nurse removes a long tube from my stomach that was not fun coming out. The doctor then informs me that it looks like I have an infection. It's time to go so I open the door to the waiting room when Jack takes off running into an exam room. 

I really needed to start my medicines so I had to get them filled there (an hour away from home). I drop them off inside Wal-Mart and we decide to catch a bite to eat at a restaurant right next door while we waited. 

Jack acted crazy in there. We were sitting in a booth with Jack in a booster seat. Of course, the seat belt was broken and he would not stay seated. He threw every piece of food we gave him and would scream. He was so mad that we wouldn't let him get down and run around the restaurant. I have never seen him act out as much as he did. I hadn't eaten all day and all I wanted was to eat my burger. My mom had even ordered herself a steak. We ended up leaving before we could finish eating. What we did eat was scarfed down between wrestling Jack. My mom and I both left feeling extremely stressed. It had been one long stressful day.

She drives me over to Walmart. I get out a few car lengths before the entrance so I don't have to wait for all the cars to move. As I'm walking as quickly as I can to the door my skirt hits the ground. Yep! That's right! My skirt is around my ankles in the front of the Wal-Mart. I didn't even realize it at first because I had a binder (something I have to wear due to the surgery) on so I didn't really feel a breeze. There was a lady directly behind me who was very concerned. I tried to embarrassingly explain that my skirt was loosened because I had just recently been keeping a drainage pump tucked into my waistband. I turned around to see if my mom was looking and she had her face buried into her hands laughing uncontrollably. Nice, mom!

I hightailed it through the store getting a few other things I needed to get and got in line behind a family of three. The mom, dad, and little girl were all dirty but happy looking. The dad swiped his food stamp card and the cashier informed him that they went over the amount that was on the card. I watch them confer and they decided to put the most expensive item back, a bag of frozen chicken. They were then a little over a dollar short so they put back the mac and cheese. I asked them "Can I please buy these items for you?". They were shocked and kept saying "really?". They thanked me over and over and all I could think was "God, please let this good deed bring me some good karma". 

I get my medicine and walk outside to find my mom (while holding on to my skirt for dear life). I get into her truck and we just laugh and laugh. She said the best part was that when she first saw it she didn't know it was me and was laughing at how embarrassed that person must be. When she realized it was me she really got to laughing. She said, "Ashley, I really needed that". 

We had been so stressed and snappy and pissy and frustrated and angry and then plop my skirt goes down and turns our day completely around. 


  1. Awwww. I'm sorry it was such a bad day but sometimes you just need a skirt to drop to make it better. :)

  2. That's hilarious! I'm sure it was so embarassing though. But, sometimes that's just what you need on one of those days :-)