Wednesday, June 18, 2014

What's Up Wednesday

Hi y'all! It's Wednesday, but now that it is my summer vacation it isn't so much a hump day for me. The only way I know it is Saturday or Sunday is that General Hospital doesn't come on tv. My days just seem to run together. 

Since I had surgery last week this hasn't been a typical summer break but it hasn't been all bad. I hope that this surgery will lead to a better me. I've also gotten to spend a lot more time with Jack. 

Jack is 19 months old now and is such a silly boy. He climbs on everything. If you say "thank you" he gives you whatever is in his hand and then he claps. He loves praise. He'll also grab you by your hand and lead you where he wants you to go. Usually he takes you to the baby gate because he wants you to open it. There is something about the kitchen that he just loves. I'm pretty sure it is only because he doesn't get to go in there much. 

He loves cucumbers!

Jeremy is working a lot because we have a ton of medical bills. Since he's not able to be here while I'm recovering I've had to rely on my mom. Jack and I stayed at my parent's house this past weekend and were able to come home Monday when Jeremy got off work. It was short-lived since he went right back to work Tuesday. Thankfully, my mom came to our house to make things easier. 

With my extra downtime I'm reading "Save Me" by Lisa Scottoline. So far, so good. I am reading it slowly because I've been reading too many blogs lately (is there really a such thing?). I'm watching too much SVU. I'm still loving the show Playing House. The other day I tried the Strawberry Fields salad from Wendy's and it is very tasty. I've also been on a Fruit Loops kick which happens every few months. I'll literally eat it for every meal until I get burned out. My dad's garden is overflowing with goodness so we have also been eating a lot of fresh goodies. 

Well that pretty much sums up my world lately. Fascinating, I know! 

Until next time....

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