Monday, July 14, 2014

Pea Pickin' Good Time

Thursday Jeremy and I made a local discovery that has paid off big time. I knew Monticello had a Splash Pad but I wasn't sure about the location or what to expect. We decided to ask about it, found where it is, and were pleasantly surprised. It was perfect for Jack. He had such a great time that we went 3 days in a row. It is safe, fun, and free!

Since Jeremy worked this weekend, Jack and I headed to my parents to hang with family. One of the big things we were able to do is picked peas and butter beans. We sat at a picnic table with a huge fan facing us under a shade tree. It was many hours of talking and picking as my Dad brought us the plants. 

Jack cracks me up with his love with putting a blanket around his head. No matter what he is doing, if he can, he is going to find a blanket and wrap it around his head. It just makes him laugh and us too. 

Today I ventured out into the real world and went to a teacher workshop. Great workshops always get me pumped about my job. I'm not ready for summer to be over yet though. I have a lot more things I want to get done first but I will say this workshop did get me a little excited about a new school year.

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  1. Are those purple hull peas? I love those things!

    We have several splash pads in our area but I have never taken the kids. It's best to go during the week and since I work, I can't.