Friday, September 5, 2014

I Support Facebook Fakeness

How many times, even in a day, do we read a Facebook comment about someone complaining about people being fake on Facebook? I know I read them quite often. I've always been one who hated people who were fake. Now I support Facebook fakeness. 

This is how I got to this realization.

Let me start with I'm a school librarian. Because of that I guess I have a standard to uphold in public. We have a code of ethics that we have to follow. I'm not a Facebook person who posts all the time. I watch my language and make sure to not include any photos that aren't appropriate. 

My humor can be sarcastic and a tad dark at times. Mostly sarcastic. There have been so many things that I have wanted to say on Facebook but have had to censor myself for the sake of the image. I didn't feel fake I just felt censored. 

Well apparently I slipped up and got called into the principal's office. 

Our principal talks really low and uses a lot of big words and a lot of words to get to what he is saying. I made out the word Facebook and then my mind starting racing thinking what could he be talking about. Then I caught the words "flipping off". It hit my gut. I felt shame and anger. I wanted to shout "really?" "It was a joke". Instead I said, "clearly I didn't do that and it was a joke". I added "I get it". I just wanted out of that room.

This is what happened.

One morning last week I had posted a picture of Jack in his car seat asleep. I wrote something to the effect of I want to flip him off because he didn't sleep at night and now that I am driving to work he is sleeping. 

Did I flip him off? Honestly, yes, but he was asleep and didn't see. It gave me a little laugh which was a good push to help me pep up a little. It was just a joke. I love my baby and mean no harm in any way to him. 

The principal told me that a parent called and said if I would do that to my child then what would I do to theirs. Really???? 

From now on I totally support Facebook fakeness. Sometimes you just have to play the game and pretend that you don't have a sense of humor. 


  1. OMG. That parent needs to get a life. Seriously. It's crap like this that would make me refuse to friend parents on Facebook. Ugh!

  2. I'm a teacher too. Parents can be SO ridiculous. If we don't run our lives exactly as they run theirs, then we're "wrong" and "a problem." So frustrating. I'm surprised the principal even talked to you about it. I would have told that parent to stop being crazy.