Monday, December 10, 2012

20 Wishes Plan of Attack

When I signed up to do the 20 Wishes challenge I was super pumped. Now that some time has passed I am starting to get a little anxious about being able to complete such daunting tasks. I am still quite motivated because the idea of saying I've done these things out weighs my uneasiness. I know how proud I'll be of myself if I actually do all 20. Since I know myself so well I decided I better come up with a plan of attack so I don't get overwhelmed. I don't want to tackle anything too hard right away like crocheting a blanket, marathons, or any trips.
Here are the wishes I plan on focusing on right now. Now keep in mind I may not finish them right away but need to focus on them before I start tackling them head on. Basically taking a wish and breaking it down into more doable parts. I have decided to focus on the following:
1. Make a scrapbook of Jack's first year.
    A. Make 2 pages of his first month
2. Cook something new once a month.
    A. Find a recipe
    B. Cook it
    C. Blog it
3. Have a blog giveaway.
    A. Work hard to obtain 9 more followers so I can do a 50 followers giveaway.
    B. Look for something to giveaway
4. Put together a family recipe book
    A. Sit down with family members to compile a list of must have recipes for book.

Now that I have a plan, I feel much better and even more excited for my 20 wishes. I'll keep you updated and myself accountable.

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