Monday, January 7, 2013

Stephanie @ Life as a Mrs. Esquire

This month Stephanie at Life as a Mrs. Esquire is making my Cara box. She is so sweet and new to the blogging world. I just wanted to introduce my followers to her because of these reasons:
1. She is new to the blogging world and I know how we like to welcome new bloggers.
2. She is an attorney and is married to an attorney-so you know her life is interesting.
3. She loves cooking, crafting, and working out. I need to learn some things from this woman. 
4. Look at her engagement picture-Love it! That blue couch is perfection!

5. She is a great writer. Check out her post on Newlywed Date Nights

Well ladies go check out Stephanie's blog and become her newest follower. I haven't even gotten my Cara Box yet but I just know it is gonna be awesome. Her taste is fantastic. 

Go check her out and enter my very first giveaway!

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