Thursday, February 14, 2013

What I Hate About My Husband

Love is in the air this week so I thought I would do a spin off of why I hate my husband.

1. Wet Wiley-he loves doing this to me while I am driving down the road and it drives me crazy. 
Can not stand it!!!

2. Hair-when he shaves he gets hair everywhere. I hear him in the bathroom right now shaving and I cringe at all the hair I know he is getting all over the place. He swears he cleans it up but he doesn't get it all and I can see them. It is a battle I have learned not to fight. I just keep wipes in the bathroom and I clean them up myself.

3. Leaves his phone at home-he is horrible about keeping his phone on him. There is nothing more frustrating than him running to the store and then remembering we needed something else and I try to call him and I hear his phone ringing inside the house. It makes me want to page him at the store.

4. Snoring-that man can fall asleep faster than anyone I have ever met. Before I can get to sleep he is out and snoring and then I can't fall asleep because of his damn snoring. 

5. Talking on the phone in the car while I am on the phone-the man must be deaf because he talks so loudly. We will be in the car and I'll be on the phone and then suddenly he is calling someone also and then I can't hear what the person is saying that I'm talking to. 

Of course, I really do love my husband. He has been my anchor through my medical ordeal and I couldn't have went through it without him. I love him very much and since having Jack I love him even more. Nothing better than seeing the love of your life making the other love of your life laugh out loud. 


  1. Marc always puts a new bar of soap in the shower before the old one is gone. It drives me insane!

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  2. all women have something that their man does that aggravates them or gets under their skin. I'm not even with a guy but I know of what past ones did that got on my nerves. I'm sure it's the same for guys. i'm your newest follower. here's my link would love to hear from you.

  3. hahahahaha ... I am SO with you on number 4! What is this anyway? I have never known anyone to fall asleep that fast and then precede to snore so it takes me another hour to fall asleep! Ugh!!

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  4. hehehe! wonderful post. We hate them at some point but we do love them.
    I just had my husband wash the dishes yesterday and when I asked if all done he said "yes" and when I look there are still unwashed dishes. Hate him! :)
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  5. pretty sure your husband is mine. maybe we are living the same life... lol!

  6. My husband snores too. (He has a deviated septum, so it's only going to go away with surgery) So I feel your pain. I've gotten to the point where I can sleep through it, as long as I'm asleep before he starts. So I go to bed first. lol

  7. If there weren't things we hated, we'd be Apmarried to ourselves. Of course that means that we'd be irritated by our own bad habits!

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  8. These are hilarious. My teen son would leave hair in the sink before he grew up and went off into the world on his own. He's swear it was clean...but no. Totally feeling your pain on that one. :)

    I saw you featured over at Raising Reagan today and came to visit. :)

  9. Very cute! Such a fun idea instead of the traditional Valentine's posts. Just read this on feature fridays.