Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear Husband,
I know you are so happy finals are over. Congrats on all the great grades you made! I hate that you will be working all weekend.

Dear Jack,
You turned 6 months this week! You are enjoying baby food. You can sit up pretty well. You also have slept all night the past 2 nights. Mama loves this!

Dear Books,
We have you in perfect order and now starts the scanning process. Inventory is always a dreaded project each year but I'm on top of it.

Dear First Mother's Day,
I am excited to have you here. I hate that my husband can't be here but I am excited to go to my parents for a steak dinner.

Have a great weekend peeps!


  1. Yay for sleeping through the night!! Hope you have a good first Mother's Day! :)