Thursday, June 6, 2013

Dealing with Immunizations...I'm NOT Gangsta

I'm stealing a few moments to write a post. Jack is taking a late nap that I will later beat myself up about when he doesn't go down at his regular time. I just need a break so badly that I'm willing to let this go for now. I know I should keep him up until bedtime but right now I would rather make-out with a toilet seat than deal with his fussiness. Poor baby got shots today. He was a champ. He even laughed at the first one. The other two not so much. He cried for a whole 20 seconds. I was a complete sissy and waited out in the hall with my ears plugged. The shot appointment messed up nap time and he thus turned into fussy baby. 

The first time he got immunizations the nurse asked me to step outside because I broke down in tears before she started. My husband held him as I stood 10 feet down the hallway with my ears plugged as I hummed. The second time I got smart and scheduled them so I couldn't go at all. My sister and my husband took him. The third time I made sure my mom could go with me and hold him as I waited for it to be over. We have awhile before we (okay maybe I) have to go through this hell again. 

Before I had Jack I landed in the hospital and as the nurses were about to put my IV in my dad said he was going to wait outside. I called him a big baby. I totally get it now. You don't want to see your baby in pain. You do however want to be there to comfort them and make it all better. As soon as I thought the shots were over I cried out "are they over" and once the nurse answered with "all clear" I ran in and scooped him up. I'm good at the comfort thing. 

So how do you handle your baby getting shots?

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  1. I handle them pretty well actually. I hate seeing Violet in pain but I focus on how they are protecting her and that helps a lot. Of course I scoop her up as quickly as possible!