Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Horrible Birth Story Part 3

Here is part 3 of my horrible birth story. You can click here to get to parts one and two. 

I'm sorry it has taken me so long to finish this story but it really was such a scary time in our lives that I hate reliving it. However, it is important for my readers to know me and this story has definitely written on the soul of this person.

Jack was born on a Wednesday and that Monday we were finally released. My mom drove us home since my husband had to work. Of course, he wanted to be there but because of everything that had happened it was very important that he worked to make money. It took them forever to finally release us. It was miserable waiting around when all I wanted to do was get out of there.

By one o'clock we finally were able to leave. My mom drove us to her house to stay the night. Originally we had planned on going home but with everything that happened I really wanted my mom around. Your baby getting flown away from you really puts your worry hat on you. When J got off work he came to my parents. There was a crib in the guest room so all three of us slept in there. At around one o'clock Jack woke up which woke me up. As soon as I opened my eyes I knew something was wrong with me. I felt the worse I had ever felt in my life. My insides were freezing and the world felt fuzzy. I tried to wake J up but it is such a hard sleeper that I couldn't get him up. My baby was crying and I wasn't sure how I was going to get up. I forced myself to get a bottle, pick him up, and feed him. My whole body hurt. By the next morning I was worse. J had gotten up and left for work early. Everyone else was off to work except my mom. The whole day I slept on the couch with a portable heater beside me. I could hear people talking around me but I couldn't bring myself to talk. It was the weirdest feeling. My insides felt like they were frozen. I was dizzy. My whole body hurt. I couldn't hardly talk because my mind wouldn't think.  I felt like I was dying. 

When my husband got home he took one look at me and said we are going to the ER. They did numerous tests and gave me two shots. Even before we left I felt better. It was amazing. The tests came back that I had a abscess. They wanted to admit me but I really wanted to wait and go to my doctor. They said okay but only if I went to him first thing in the morning. 

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