Thursday, July 18, 2013

Okay Seriously-Throwing My Hands Up

Can I just go back to bed? It isn't 9:30 yet and I'm ready for the sun to set. So yesterday I got the bright idea to put in that unopened DVD of Chris Powell making me work my butt off. This morning I can barely stand or sit or bend or just HURTS. I also woke up with an earache. You all know how bad an earache can be. It has also closed up again which happened around 3 months ago and took a whole month to open back up. Looks like I will be talking louder than usual and only hearing with my right ear. I'd go to the doctor but since I can barely move I doubt I can transport my baby with me without looking like I need a disability sticker. 

So at 5 am I drag myself to get a crying Jack fed and changed. Thanks husband you are wonderful (I love sarcasm). Pop two Tylenol and go back to bed at 6. Jack wakes me back up at 8 and I haven't miraculously healed.  He has a dirty diaper. I didn't know this when I inspected, I knew when I hobbled into the room. Get him changed and as I'm rolling up the diaper what should happen? My damn finger lands in baby poo which has happened many times but this time I have to hobble to the bathroom to wash my hands really good. I try to remind myself that I need to walk so I can work these muscles. 

I sit down by just falling into the recliner. I know Jack is probably getting hungry but he isn't crying so I just sit there. Then I hear this noise and I'm looking trying to figure it out when I see our dog Lexi hoovering by the back door and I just know she is about to vomit on my carpet. My slow moving self can make it there fast enough. 

So that has been my morning. It can only get better...right???


  1. Today is a new day, and hopefully things will be better. And at some point you will look back and laugh at this.

    Heidi’s Wanderings

  2. I hope your day gets better! Not a very good start :(

  3. ha aw i know just what you mean about the baby poop! baby puke and blow out diapers define us ;) feel better!